What is a Trust?

A Trust is an equitable obligation binding a person [Trustee] to deal with property over which he has control for the benefit of persons [beneficiaries] any one of whom may enforce the obligation.

What can I put in a Trust?

The property can be any kind of property-money, real estate stock bonds collections business interests, personnel possessions and automobiles.

If I place my home into a Trust is capital gains tax payable?

No tax is payable upon setting up the Trust, assets may be subject to capital gains tax depending on the circumstances, so far all our trusts are distributed with no tax payable.

What are Trustees?

It may be helpful to think of a trustee as the manager of the trust property and they have to manage in the way and manor specified by the Trust.

How long does it take to set up an English Family Trust?

We can usually complete all the paperwork within 7 days of been instructed.

Can I sell the house and buy another one when it's held in an English Family Trust?

Yes, as Trustees you can sell the home and buy another will then be held by the Trust.

How do Trustees operate?

Trustees can operate by majority or unanimously.

Who chooses the Trustees?

The Trustees are selected by the settler(s)

Who is the settler?

The settler is the person that we work for eg if we are putting your family home into a Trust the owner(s) of the house would be the settler(s)

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